Altruvest BoardMatch™

BoardMatch recruits volunteers, trains them on their roles and responsibilities as a board member and matches them with a charity looking for someone with their skills and interests.

For Charities

Charities looking for board or committee members have access to a range of talented volunteers willing to contribute their time and skills to help the charity be successful. We provide the latest board training so that candidates have a full understanding of their roles and responsibilities as a member of a charitable board.

Most of our charities have used us for multiple searches and 60 per cent of our registered charities have been using our services for more than five years.


For Candidates

BoardMatch helps find hidden talent in the community by making it easier for individuals willing to contribute their time and talent to find a board seat on a charity that aligns with their interests.

We match the right candidates with the right boards. But first we train them on their roles and responsibilities, giving them greater confidence and effectiveness in their new role.
To help support our operation, candidates pay an annual subscription of $200 a year for the training and matching in addition to access to regular continuous education on best practices in the sector.

Candidates will likely encounter more BoardMatch-trained colleagues at the board they join because among the charities we serve, about a quarter of their board membership has come through our program.


For Corporations

Many corporations consider membership on a charitable board as an excellent way for high-potential employees to gain valuable life and career experience. We partner with human resource and talent departments to identify, train and place designated employees on boards. In addition to skills development, our program supports corporate social responsibility mandates in their communities.

Companies sponsor the employee training and matching process with a $2,000 donation per candidate. This includes support through the matching process. Our partners have included TD Bank, RBC, PwC, CIBC, Boston Consulting Group, Manulife Financial, Harvard Business School, Women Get On Board and STS Capital Partners.