BoardMatch Introduction for Charities

There are over 75,000 registered charities in Canada. Each charity depends on a dedicated board of directors to govern and guide the organization towards achieving its goals and make a positive impact in the community.

How do grow your charity? How do you engage different perspectives? How do you continue to challenge yourself? A great board of directors will shape and lead your organization with confidence.

To help your charity become stronger and more diverse, register with BoardMatch. BoardMatch helps charities find energetic, engaged and professional individuals seeking leadership opportunities outside their work lives. Assemble a board of directors with the varied professional skills that your organization needs for financial oversight, maintain healthy operations, develop strategies and plan for the future. Register your organization with BoardMatch today.

The value of expanding your board search beyond your immediate networks:

  • Diversity of thought
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Fresh ideas
  • Professionalism
  • Expand the board’s skill set
  • Marketing your organization to potential clients and donors

Why find board of directors with BoardMatch?

  • Professional candidates with a range of skills and experience including finance, accounting, marketing, law and fundraising
  • Candidates specifically interested in contributing in leadership roles
  • Candidates who already have an understanding of the role and responsibilities of not-for-profit board of directors
  • BoardMatch Leaders Alumni have additional knowledge of the non-profit sector and what it takes to be effective from day one
  • Candidates with supportive employers who encourage volunteerism with time off and donations

For step-by-step guide on how to register your organization with BoardMatch please see the Agency Help manual.

Agency Help Manual (PDF)

Our candidates include:

  • Employees from all of Canada’s top 5 banks
  • Consultants from top accounting and strategy firms
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Product and technology professionals
  • Marketing and communications experts
  • Lawyers
  • Non-profit leaders

Register for BoardMatch today to find candidates with the interest and skills your charity needs.

“By providing board orientation and training with BoardMatch Leaders in-person training and BoardMatch Fundamentals online orientation,candidates from BoardMatch already know about governance structure so they are well educated about non-profits when they start on a board.
BoardMatch does a really great job of matching candidates to agencies who need a certain skill set.”

– Marissa Bastidas, Executive Director, Accommodation Information and Support (AIS)

Board Development & Consulting

Helping Canadian charitable board leaders reach exceptional levels of performance in anever changing, legal, budgetary and service environment.

Altruvest consultants work collaboratively with each client board to reach specific, mutually agreed upon goals. Services include:

  • Coaching for new boards on the foundational aspects of leadership performance and good governance policies to meeting management
  • Training in specific subject areas including: recruiting and selecting new board members, fundraising, board and staff relations, communications within the board, financial reporting, strategic planning, succession planning, risk management, board structure and good governance, volunteer management and stewardship, charitable law, impact measurement, diversity and policy and procedures
  • Facilitating board strategy sessions and orientations
  • Coach Executive Directors on how to effectively work with their boards
  • Custom search for new board of directors, with an emphasis on board executive positions

Please contact Susan Dunne for more information and a quotation:

BoardMatch has a pool of over 1000 candidates with exceptional professional credentials looking for opportunities to give back to their communities.

  • BoardMatch candidates are a diverse group of professionals with range of skills and experiences. Among are accountants, lawyers, people working in finance, consulting, marketing and human resources.
  • 50% of candidates are new to board service
  • Most of our candidates, live or work in the Greater Toronto Area, but we also have pools of candidates in Vancouver, Calgary and others throughout Canada.
  • Many candidates volunteer efforts are supported by their workplaces with noprofit board training, time-off to volunteer and donations.

No, BoardMatch does not pre-screen nor verify background information provided by prospective board candidates and participating agencies. Parties are encouraged and expected to engage in their own due diligence exercise as the matching process progresses.

If your board and executive director are facing challenges, we can help. Please contact to explore options and come up with a plan that works for you.

If you can't log into your organization's account please email
The accounts are identified by unique email address, if you don't have access to the email account you won't be able to reset the password. Email us, we will update your organization's registration information and send you a new password.

Let us know the active account you want to access and use. We will help you deactivate the other accounts, email us at for more information.

Have the following information on hand before you start the registration process and posting:

  • Canadian Registered Number or Not for profit number
  • Primary contact for board business
  • Short write-up about your organization's mission and goals
  • Annual operating budget
  • Number of staff and volunteers
  • Challenges facing your board - if any
  • Where are your board meetings held?
  • When are your board meetings?
  • How would you describe your organization's stage of development?
  • Current board Size and maximum board size