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Introduction to BoardMatch, for Corporations

BoardMatch helps companies engage their employees in their communities in meaningful leadership roles. We train employees for volunteer leadership opportunities in the charitable sector and we connect employees to the charities who need them to lead.

When companies partner with BoardMatch they are investing in their employees and in their communities — amplifying their positive impact in the world. It is a win for the companies, a win for the employees and a win for the charities.

Partnership opportunities with BoardMatch

Employees, particularly high potential employees, are looking to make meaningful contributions to their communities. They value employers who encourage and support them, in and out of the workplace, to make a difference.

By partnering with Altruvest you are investing in your employees and your community.

  • Leadership Development
  • Skills Development
  • Support building stronger charities
  • Retain high-performers: engaged and interest employees are more likely to stay and deliver better services
  • Diversity of thought: board service is an opportunity for employees to meet and engage with people outside their regular workday and social circles – challenging their ideas and learn how to work with a broad spectrum of individuals – thus helping them serve corporate clients and stakeholders better
  • Networking: engage with other leaders in cross business disciplines and companies, opportunity to develop professional relationships in the non–profit and for-profit sector
  • Recruitment: millennials are searching to work for companies that actively engage with employees to make a positive impact in the world
  • Reputation – raise brand awareness: working with BoardMatch signifies your company is serious about your role in nfp governance and amplifying community impact
  • You can proudly communicate your company-wide commitment to volunteerism

Employees who are empowered to make fulfilling, meaningful contributions are happier employees and are better performing employees.

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