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For 25 years, Altruvest has been an advocate of charitable effectiveness and stronger communities.


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Altruvest was recently selected to be featured at the Tiger 21 Global Exchange Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hear from Tiger 21 Member, Rob Follows (Founder and Board Chair), Jenny Follows (Honorary Global Advisory Board Chair), and Shamil Hargovan (CEO), as they share our next 15-year vision, for the first time.

If your charity can make use of our services, or if you know of another charity that could, please contact us here.

The Need

About 80% of charities are small in size and provide critical services to their local communities. Unfortunately, the COVID 19 pandemic has done serious damage to the charitable sector in North America:

  • 140% of charities saw a reduction in donations
  • 27% of charities closed
  • 3About 1 million jobs were lost
  • 4Approx. 70% of charities see strengthening their board as a top priority

Through BoardMatch, our core program, Altruvest recruits volunteers, trains them on their roles and responsibilities as a board member and matches them with a charity looking for someone with their skills and interests.

If you know of a charity looking for new board members, or you wish to volunteer as a board member, click HERE.


What People Have To Say About Altruvest

“Each year when we start to think about Board recruitment, there is never any question that we will use BoardMatch. The consistent quality of our Board members confirms that this is always the best decision.”


Danny Anckle

Executive Director, Cecil Community Centre

“Broad Reach renewed itself with an excellent, eager and engaged board of directors. Altruvest helped us find many that we found through BoardMatch. They attracted 90 applications and we interviewed 30 candidates. Thank you, Altruvest!”


Marguerite Pyron

Executive Director, Broad Reach Foundation

“Very eye opening coming from the for profit sector. Excellent, practical and increased my belief that I have something to contribute to a charitable board.”


Stephanie Veltri

Systems Designer, L3 WESCAM

“Impressed by the quality of the broad network, variety of skills and professions.”


Jarvis Strong

Executive Director, Camp Quality Canada

“Altruvest's BoardMatch holistic training gave me a true sense of comfort in knowing not only will I be able to contribute to the causes I'm passionate about, but that it will be from a position of a clear understanding of my role and responsibilities.”


Onita Dey

Sales Director, BCD Travel

“Astounded how good they are.”


Harold Smith

NANPS - Retired Architect
STS Capital

By donating to Altruvest, you are supporting many charities.

At Altruvest, we believe that by supporting stronger governance in the charitable sector, we help improve its overall effectiveness. Donor dollars go farther, enabling charities to improve the delivery of their programs, and give more.